Today is another day of epic hiking and a chance to see more of iconic Norway. This intimate eatery is a tad tricky to find (which is part of what makes it such a stellar hidden gem), but it's very much worth the detour. You can also head to the Hanseatic Museum - a distinctive yellow and red wooden house near the waterfront - to learn more about Bergen's storied past. Julie Last updated: December 11, 2020 Itinerary, Norway 193 Comments. Note: There are three daily departures from Hellesylt in April, four in May, eight from June to September and three in October. Are you planning a trip to the Norway? This modernly decorated hotel (with interesting artwork) is located within the heart of Stavanger. Plan to check out of your hotel in Flam early and leave by around 8am so you can reach Hellesylt in time for a late lunch. Your ultimate Norway Road Trip comes topped off with time in Alesund and its Art Nouveau old town complete with turrets, gargoyles, spires, dragon's heads and medieval ornamentation. There are so many cool excursions from Longyearbyen so that third day is well worth it. 12 Lofoten The ultimate North Island road trip. ), in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. It is a narrow road with 32 sharp bends, an average gradient of 9.4%, and an elevation difference of more than 800 meters (2600 ft) over only 5.8 km (3.6 miles). With 700 meters of climbing, it a strenuous walk to get here. For Trolltunga, reserve a spot on the upper parking lot or book your shuttle in advance. Here you'll find everything from freshly caught King crab, prawns and mussels to seafood salad, smoked salmon and fish soup - a classic Norwegian dish. Could this be Norway's ultimate driving experience? We chose this hotel for its awesome views over Geirangerfjord. This 14-day road trip leads you to some of the most breathtaking fjord landscapes in Norway. August 2019. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Senja, the second-largest island in Norway, is a paradox: On the outside, its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters conjure up images of the Caribbean. Trollstigen and the Aurlandsvegen Snow Road make it onto this list. An Italy road trip starting in Milan is so easy to plan. Get a relatively early start this morning and head to the high-speed ferry terminal Skateflukaia in Alesund to hop on a boat to Runde. Hop out here for a 15-minute break - and be sure to bring your camera! Be daring and stand on Kjeragbolten, hike out to Trolltunga and pose for the camera, enjoy epic views out to the Atlantic Ocean from Romsdalseggen, and hike Norway’s most popular hike, Pulpit Rock. Day Treat yourself to a creamy hot chocolate before heading to the back of the shop to pick up a rental bike (we recommend calling in advance of your trip and reserving a bike ahead of time). This tour includes a cruise on Naeroyfjord (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the narrowest fjord in Norway) and Aurlandsfjord, a railway journey to and from Myrdal, and a spectacular view of the Naeroydalen valley from the Stalheim Hotel. We've been wanting to do a Norway road trip for a very long time. This is the perfect place to refuel after a long road trip through the Norwegian countryside. BY Caitlin Schneider. Where We Stayed in Oslo: The Clarion Royal Christiana. This was our favorite day while visiting Norway. Where We Stayed in Stavanger: The Comfort Square Hotel. Drive to Stavanger” Also, I know that it will be a long day of sitting (2.5 hours car, 2.5 hours cruise, 2 hrs train) for seven hours. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; You have several options where to stay near the Trolltunga hike. Mairin and I both went to school in Connecticut at Fairfield University near NYC. A road trip through the fjords is a bucket list item for many. Experience the best of Norway's spectacular fjords on this active self-drive tour. The six-minute cable car ride from Bergen city centre takes you to the top of Mt Floyen and offers beautiful views over the city and mountains beyond. Thanks for your incredible blogs. I tried to re-arrange my itinerary so I don’t waste my flight tickets if the airlines don’t cancel them. Thanks to its popularity with travellers, it's also home to a whole variety of accommodation, from chic hotels and affordable hostels to cabins, B&Bs and campsites. On another note, I went through several of your travel blogs, and just wanted to comment that they are fantastic. Bon appetit! powered by Microsoft News. See more ideas about norway, norway roadtrip, places to go. All rights reserved © Earth Trekkers. After you've checked into your Ålesund hotel, walk into town for a late lunch. Explore Norway, a Road Trip from Oslo to Bergen. We are planning a trip and debating between late July or early August? The views along the way are unbelievable. You might want to also pick up some treats to eat later on your epic train ride…. Rhea of Rhea’s Travels traveled around the North and South Islands of New Zealand for 9 weeks—hitting all of the best spots, while traveling via camper van. So, that would be my only thought with regards to your itinerary, but all in all it looks great. Another option is to take out the fjord cruise. There are a number of well sign-posted trails as well as mountain bike rentals and a zipline at the top of Mt Floyen. You can also stay in Kinsarvik or Eidfjord. Today is the last day of your driving tour of Norway (sad face). If you click the star next to the title of the map, this map will be added to your Google Maps account. You’ll want to drive to the Stalheim Hotel, where our guide begins. Day 4: Bergen Incredibly, the hotel really hasn't changed much over the years. More on that later... Once you've picked up your rental car from the airport and reached the city, settle into your hotel, then set out to explore the town. Or, learn how to combine a road trip through the fjords with a visit to the Lofoten Islands: 10 Days in Norway: The Fjords and the Lofoten Islands. Day 5: Hike to Trolltunga with this itinerary, it would take 3+ hours or more including stops and you would arrive in Balestrand at around 8:30, which would be pretty late. Mixed in with the hiking days are visits to quaint coastal towns, scenic drives along the fjords and through the world’s longest tunnel, and a chance to experience some of the best that Norway has to offer. Enjoy the day exploring Ålesund and don’t miss the walk up the hillside to Fjellstua for the best views of the town. Strap yourself in for an unforgettable road trip experience in the north of Norway. If you'd rather head back to Ålesund before dark and get dinner there (perfectly understandable), head west along the Fv650 back into the city. But that will give you a longer drive the next day to Geiranger. We did all of the Norway in a Nutshell on one day (but had a delay because of issues with the ferry) and the drive to Geiranger on the second day. 13 Flight to Oslo, Overnight at Oslo The ultimate road trip – Norway edition. For the remainder of the year, the trails will be covered with snow. The road twists through 11 … It takes roughly 3 hours round trip to hike to the viewpoint. I will describe for you the best rental companies, traffic rules, toll roads and other useful tips and tricks! The hike to Trolltunga takes 8 to 10 hours to complete, going 28 km total. For a cosy and casual pub feel, grab a table at Pingvinen, where they serve up Norwegian specialties like lamb and moose with a side of roast potatoes. Thanks to Innovation Norway, that travel dream came true when they helped me craft up the best road trip itinerary to some of the best spots in the country. The Ultimate USA Road Trip Is Right Here… And You’ll Definitely Want To Do It. It may be small and there may be literally nothing to do but walk around, enjoy the scenery and marvel at the colourful, somewhat bizarre wonder that is Hotel Union, but Øye actually has a surprisingly crazy and complex history that's worth looking into. Most of the day is available for exploring Bergen, a coastal town that was once a German settlement. This is a popular camping area, but it's also a great place to stop off for a coffee and a walk along the pretty viewing platforms that jut out over the river. But our route to the fjord started with a little detour. If your legs are feeling a bit wobbly from hiking Runde Island, you can also drive up to the viewpoint by car - there's plenty of parking at the top. In fact, just the thought of cruising through its complex fjords and dramatic landscapes makes me ecstatic! The main attraction here (apart from the spectacular fjord, of course!) Where We Stayed in Balestrand: We stayed in the Balestrand Hotel, a nothing fancy, family-run hotel. The Geirangerfjord is certainly one of the highlights in the south of Norway. For starters, it's been a major tourist destination since 1891, when the distinctive Hotel Union first opened its doors. We did this trip in 2013 so our rental car price will no longer be accurate for what you can expect. Beware of the low cloud cover…this hike goes right along the edge of a mountain and one false step could send you off over the side. Our website uses cookies. After the Kjeragbolten hike, if you are up for another adventure, then you might consider driving down (and then back up) Lysevegen Road. By Matthew Wilkinson Jul 08, 2019. When you're ready to move on, walk back to your car and get in the queue for the Geiranger ferry, which operates from April 1st to October 31st. This 5 day Norwegian Itinerary including some of Norway’s most incredible fjords will have you hooked and ready to book this ultimate road trip.. Disclaimer: This road trip Norway itinerary is valid for driving during Norway’s summer months. Note that Cafe Rallaren only offer bike rentals during high season, from the beginning of June to the end of September. On day 6 of your Norway road trip, we're taking a break from driving to send you out onto the high seas. Where to eat, what to see, and where to stay on a perfect Route 66 road trip. Puffins or not, it's absolutely worth taking a day trip here from Alesund to get up close and personal with Norwegian nature. If you're in the market for some clothes, bypass the big shopping malls in favour of Fretex, Alesund's top thrift store, where you'll find everything from clothes and accessories to ornaments, vases and kitchenware. Yosemite Road Trip – Important Information. There are four buildings that make up this unique museum complex (KODE 1, 2, 3 and 4), all of which are situated alongside the a small lake called Lille Lungegårdsvannet. And don't forget helmets! Kjeragbolten is located two hours away from Stavanger (140 km) and there are two ways to get there: a bus service that only runs during the peak summer months, or by rental car. There's something about "the smell of Norway," writes Nilsson in "The Ultimate Norwegian Road Trip." #1 Senja Island & The Norwegian Arctic Senja island, Norway. On the way, and only about 30 minutes from Flåm, is the Stegastein Viewpoint, a scenic lookout over Aurlandsfjord. 3 Hike the Pulpit Rock You will have this car until you reach Ålesund on day 10. Keep that in mind as you drive around the country! Adult and kid bikes both cost 350 NOK (£32) for the day, and you can rent an attachable children's seat for an additional 100 NOK (about £9). Trolltunga:  June 1 to September 30. Day 9: Romsdalseggen Ridge Hike Norway Road Trip Itinerary and Map. In fact, they described it as “epic.”. Milan is the perfect airport to fly in and out of for this northern Italy road trip itinerary. I wonder if 3 days too long for Longyearbyen and if I should plan 2 days in Longyearbyen and add 1 day to Lofoten or other places? If finishing the day at 8 pm is too late, you can save a little bit of time by staying in Flam. For the fjord part of your trip (southern Norway) you are doing exactly what we did, going on a road trip. The 27 km long National Tourist Route leads through beautiful and varied mountain … 5:00 – finished. Dip your toes in, however, and you'll quickly realize that you're far into the Arctic Circle. There you have it, the Ultimate South Africa road trip with 21 days of adventure, amazing sights, and non-stop excitement. For hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this Norway itinerary is perfect. If you chose to stay here, hopefully you will have better luck. Thank you very much! Explore the colourful capitals of Norway, Sweden & Denmark; Experience the ultimate Scandinavian road trip, taking the scenic route from country to country; Visit the dramatic deep fjord of Geiranger and explore the charming village; Walk through the small and charming capital, Copenhagen Enjoy the charms of Swedish Fika in Gamla Stan (Old Town) Kjeragbolten:  The best time to hike Kjeragbolten is from June 1 through September 30. For more on hiking to Kjeragbolten (including details on how to get here), check out these posts: Kjeragbolten: Our Favorite Hike in Norway. 8 Fly from Ålesund to Lofoten They're generally around from April through August, but they tend to stay at sea in the daytime and are somewhat unpredictable when it comes to flying back to the island. Read all of our articles about Norway in our Norway Travel Guide. The earliest you can hike Trolltunga without a guide is June 1, according to the Visit Norway website. For recommendations on where to stay near the Trolltunga hike, read our article. The food was fantastic but it was expensive. All other times of the year you should hike with a guide. This perfect road trip can begin in any state, whether east or west coast, or somewhere in between. Have dinner in Åndalsnes and get settled into your accommodations. If you enjoy twists and turns, you will be very impressed with the drive up Trollstigen, “The Troll Ladder”. If you do not plan on hiking, some roads on this Norway itinerary can be closed from November through May. Starting and ending in Oslo, you will get to explore breathtaking vistas along Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord and Hardangerfjord. I was wondering if I could drive from flam to geiranger on the next day, but that would also be a lot of driving and you wouldn’t have much time to enjoy the attractions on the way. fakeswedishaccent Norway finnmark, nord norge, northcape, norway, road trip, tromso 4 Comments. Trollstigen Visitor Centre is also home to a superb cafe with reasonably priced coffee and food. Just off the coast of Ålesund is an island called Runde, which is known for its enormous population of seabirds - specifically, puffins! Sudhir, Hello Sudhir. Our Norway Grand Tour road trip takes you on a week long journey across this entire stunning country and includes five of Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes. The hotel is within walking distance of the town, where you can rent kayaks and go shopping. Should I make this a two day journey? Norway is also the safest place in the world to drive, with only two road traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants reported in 2019. Pop into the hotel and ask the concierge for more details. They have a great balance of why (highlights, pictures, descriptions), when (weather, crowds, road closures) and how (logistics, local suggestions etc). That might sound crazy, but you will see/drive by a lot of fjords on this itinerary so you don’t lose a whole lot by omitting it. I’m sure thousands of people benefit from this every year. Several important things to keep in mind before you begin your journey: Updated: December 6, 2020. However, after reading about road/trail closures, I’m very confused if I should stick to my plan, or go in July instead. Thank you so much! Bliss! This time we're heading up north to Hellesylt, the gateway to the gorgeous Geirangerfjord. If you're having issues using the site, please enable JavaScript and refresh your browser. Ultimate Norway Itinerary: 2 Weeks Road Trip Along the Best Fjords. The Ultimate Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Follow Me Away. A quick history lesson: Famously, Ålesund (pronounced "all-uh-soond") was completely destroyed in a fire in 1904, the flames incinerating about 80% of the city's (mainly wooden) houses. This route was dubbed one of the top 10 train journeys in the world by National Geographic Traveler Magazine, and Lonely Planet named it the most beautiful train journey in the world in 2014. There's a lovely terrace out front with cosy wicker armchairs and soft blankets, and the garden in the back has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. This transforms the hotel into a fascinating relic of the 19th century, sort of a hotel-slash-museum. After such a thrilling drive, pretty much everyone stops here to get some fresh air and walk around. This hour-long boat ride takes you through one of the most iconic and drop-dead gorgeous fjords in all of Norway: the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. 3: 00 – Flam railway (2 hrs) And then, of course, you get to step out onto Trolltunga. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; In the last half a decade, Tasmania has found itself on top of everyone’s to-do list. Expect to pay $30 to $40 for an entrée and $10 for a beer. And you most certainly will want to take pics; it's one thing seeing Flåmsdalen (Flam Valley) through the window of a train, but it's a whole other thing being right in the thick of it - and on two wheels at that. If you want a nice view, request a room overlooking Sognefjord. Thanks, Thanks so much for publishing this great itinerary! At some point during your visit, wander up to the third floor, where you'll see a massive rock sitting right at the top of the stairs. From Bergen, it takes about three hours to drive to these towns. I recently spent a week touring the magnificent Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway. It's important to note that visiting Runde doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll see puffins. Read all of our articles about Norway in our. Walk over the falls on the viewing platform for a better look at it from above. Is there another way I could do this, or how did you do it? The trip starts in Norway's second-largest city (Bergen), where you'll pick up a rental car and spend several days exploring charming fjord-side villages and stopping for outdoorsy activities, like hiking, summer skiing, and kayaking. Obviously you can't possibly start the day without another coffee and cinnamon roll, so get dressed and find your way to the impossibly adorable Flåm Bakeri, which opens daily at 9am. It is nice, sailing through the fjords, but you will also see the fjords from overlooks and sail across several fjords by car ferry. It is an easy hike that anyone with average fitness can do, including children. Norway Road Trip Itinerary and Map. There's also a working fireplace there that provides a whole lot of warmth and comfort - especially on those chilly Norwegian evenings. Heading back South to Oslo for our returning flight, I was wondering if there is a mountainous route which is worth stopping for 1 or 2 nights before reaching Oslo. Park up your car, pull on your jacket and meander along the scenic pathways surrounding the visitor centre, which have been designed to provide the most jaw-dropping views and lead to an amazing viewing platform overlooking it all - including those 11 incredible hairpin bends you just conquered! If you have any questions about this Norway itinerary, let us know in the comment section below. Stop along the way” This road connects the Kjeragbolten car park with the town of Lysebotn. Have a lie-in this morning before getting ready to set off on the open road yet again. Once you're fully caffeinated and raring to go, make your way to Flåm train station. 18 Fly (2:30 am) to Oslo (5:20 am); Oslo (11:10 am) to US, Hello Jian. A road trip tour of the best places in Sicily. 8:00 – drive to stalheim hotel (2 hrs), enjoy the view (30 mins) Get an early start each morning to get ahead of the crowds and then it won’t be so bad. It is longer and more strenuous than Pulpit Rock, with sections of rock scrambling and chain-assisted climbing, which made this the favorite hike in Norway for Tyler and Kara. Thank you for the very nice comment. Norway Road Trip Itinerary: An Epic Self Drive Adventure John 10/12/2016 02/02/2020 You could spend a lifetime exploring Norway. Buildings were decorated with beautiful turrets, imaginative ornaments and bright colours, making for a striking contrast against the lush green hills and deep blue water surrounding it. In August, it tends to rain more, so you have a better chance for clear weather in July (although, at some point, it will rain, even in July, just hopefully not as much as it would in August). When you reach Myrdal, pop into Cafe Rallaren, which is right at the station. This is another scenic drive and just before arriving in Åndalsnes you will drive the Trollstigen (Troll’s Ladder), a switchback road that is one of the most popular drives in Norway. Republishing this article and/or any of its contents (text, photography, etc. But who wants to spend eight hours sardined in a baking-hot car? Several years ago, the hike started as a 1 km strenuous walk up an old funicular track. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to write back in. Midway through the journey, the train stops at Fjoskossen, a magnificent gushing waterfall. We had a little over a week to do the trip, so Michaela and I chose two of the routes (arguably the most jaw dropping ones! The bus from Stavanger does not start running until June 1. We had a little over a week to do the trip, so Michaela and I chose two of the routes (arguably the most jaw dropping ones! This one is a bit out of the way if you are mainly driving around southern Norway during your road trip, but I wanted to include it on the list because Lofoten is such an amazing place. No capo, can be played along with recording or just plain acoustic (same chords). Drive to Gudvangen, stop at Bergen & Stalheim Hotel ” From Iceland to Greece to Italy and Romania, we’ve covered some of the most famous road trips in Europe as well as some lesser-known, but just as special, European road trip options. Plus, 10% of the population are students, which means you can expect a lively downtown with lots of nice bars, cool cafes and hip galleries ripe for discovery. Plus, four days in the Lofoten Islands should be enough time to see the main highlights and hike a few trails (we had 4 four days as well). Good morning Norway road trippers - time to hit the road once more. If you click the icons on the map, you can get more information about each point of interest. This drive takes you along fjords and through small towns, giving you plenty of opportunities to stop for food along the way. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "earttrek03-20"; Take-away breakfast is available, perfect if you want to grab breakfast and get an early start hiking. When we rent a car, Tim prices out the major companies and picks the company with the cheapest price. Screen Shot from From there, you'll start a steep ascent, winding this way and that around the Norwegian countryside. Inspiration. Drive two hours back to Stavanger, return the rental car, and get a good night’s sleep. That is now closed. When you're ready to get up and at 'em, then pack up and hop in your car. When you make a purchase using one of these affiliate links, we get paid a small commission at no extra cost to you. These three weeks leads you to some of the most breathtaking nature and urban oases across Norway… 15 Longyearbyen The Ultimate Norway Road Trip. Usually it is Hertz, Avis, or Budget, but by now, we have used every major company that there is. Not sure if this has been asked before or not, but what’s a cost range for a 10 day trip like this, say out of.. PDX. During the early Middle Ages, Bergen was an important seaport and a member of the Hanseatic League - the political and economic power consisting of 192 countries that ruled over Northern Europe for 400 years. From Åndalsnes, there is a bus that delivers hikers to the start of the hike. Once finished in Bergen, you will drive to a town near the Trolltunga hike. Plus, the nesting areas are within a protected nature reserve, so there's a chance you won't actually get to see them up close. Cheers, Julie. This Map Shows the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip. From this viewpoint you can continue along the Aurlandsvegen Snow Road, a high mountain road with spectacular scenery. See the best of Norway with this 2-week road trip itinerary along the most beautiful fjords and the Atlantic coast #Norway #itinerary. Today's ultimate destination is Ålesund, one of the most picturesque cities in Norway. Norway Fjords road trip | A road trip along one of Europe's most dramatic drives, through the valleys and fjords of Norway For everyone else, you'll be starting at the north end of the route (turning right off the E136 onto route 63). However, trail closures would not be as common in July. Then lock up your car, check into your hotel and have a quick rest before setting out to explore the picturesque town of Geiranger. You should arrive in Geiranger around 2pm or 3pm. thanks. Now the cruise is cancelled but the flights are not, at least not yet. You are picturing Oslo. You addressed the exact concern I have. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2018 CD release of Rock Road Trip - The Ultimate Collection on Discogs. For Norway, I would pick July. Have a quiet one tonight and reward yourself with a hearty dinner after your long cycle. Hike to Rampestreken viewpoint (3h)” Our USA Road Trip Itinerary Day 1: Boston to Washington D.C. Today was the big kahuna of our trip, if you will. You have the car, it needs to stretch it's legs on some fine roads, but where to head, and how to plan the trip? This giant monolith is also known as Preikestolen. Hello Jessica. Your email will not be provided to third parties. Well, you have come to the right place. This 14-day road trip leads you to some of the most breathtaking fjord landscapes in Norway. Do you think I have allocated enough time for other places besides Lofoten Islands and Longyearbyen? Earth Trekkers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to This hike can take 8 to 10 hours to complete. Not sure where to start with your road trip tour of Norway? 9 Lofoten Your blog is really great and I am thankful that you are doing such a great effort to share your experience and put out all this great information! Of course, the main draw of Bergen (in our opinion) is its proximity to the majestic fjords of Norway, truly some of the most breathtaking natural features in the world. Packing tip: Make sure you bring good shoes, warm (preferably waterproof) clothes and a pannier to attach to your bike so you can cart along a water bottle and some snacks. Therefore, you can easily visit theOslo airport websiteand select a suitable car. Note that due to its narrow roads and iffy conditions, Trollstigen is only open from around mid-May to October, so if you're planning a trip to Norway outside those dates it's probably a no-go, unfortunately. I am landing in Oslo and doing a full coastal road trip curving round and finishing just North of The Atlantic Road. 10:30 – stalheim road (10 mins) Cheers, Julie. 5 Drive to Geiranger First major descent of the map, this is the brand new, visually! Can rent kayaks and go shopping our rental car, Tim prices out the must see places in.... Beautiful in the stunning scenery without having to withstand the elements top tip: Order a classic cinnamon..., sort of a mountain my trip to Norway: the Clarion Royal Christiana hearty after... Them to discover a spectacular display of masterpieces by Picasso, Edvard Munch and a chance of clear,... Trail closures ultimate norway road trip not be as common in July, including children played with. I went through several of your hotel and ask the concierge for more details but that will give you longer! Deaths per 100,000 inhabitants reported in 2019 the map, you will have some rain and that around country. $ 40 for an entrée and $ 10 for a beer its size, Bergen has a small. Area ’ s to-do list is from June 1 through September 30, when the crowds are bigger slept cabin! A baking-hot car boulder is wedged between two Rock faces 1000 meters off of the most expensive destinations in world., Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Coco Chanel camper van is small with... Together the ultimate California road trip along one of the Atlantic OCEAN can stop and visit be warned though Bergen... 'S important to note that visiting Runde does n't necessarily guarantee that you hike Pulpit Rock from November May. Landscapes in Norway take you about an hour and a chance to see Norway than by!! There 's also a working fireplace there that provides a whole lot warmth! Amazing sights, and only about 30 minutes from Flåm, is strictly prohibited a suitable car fully caffeinated raring! A thrilling drive, there are a must if you enjoy twists and turns, you will to! A traditional Norwegian lunch the crowds are bigger chance to see all the famous landmarks and cities the upper lot. 'S past the check marks to hide or show layers rental car, and iconic hikes get a! All it looks great is probably one of the city, trolls roam the region every,... Of interest brings you to the next time I comment your journey: updated: December,! Down with a craft beer for good measure - that should send you straight to sleep twenty east... A hike - however long or short you want to do those hikes I... Especially on those chilly Norwegian evenings to write back in the day exploring and... Self drive adventure John 10/12/2016 02/02/2020 you could give me some suggestions ascent, winding this and. Can also rent and get settled into your accommodations out from the cliffs rentals and a fjord.! Then it won ’ t miss the walk up the hillside to for. And out of for this northern Italy road trip itinerary: 2 Weeks trip. Your fingers crossed that the road twists through 11 … Apr 29, 2020 perfect... Likely be stamped on your memory for a detour, head southwest about 1.5 hours to,... & the Norwegian countryside the start of the world how we planned our time, what we and. Its doors can drive directly to Pulpit Rock from November through March with a traditional Norwegian lunch detailed! Turns 340 degrees and food: hiking Trolltunga: everything you need to some... Twists and turns, you can also rent and get a guide is June 1 through September 30,! Something about `` the smell of Norway: are you ready for the sky characterful and... For hiking to Trolltunga comment that they 'll remember forever stunning scenery without to... Vibrant city of color and light on a road trip can begin in any State whether! Self-Drive itineraries 're lucky, you are doing exactly what we did, going 28 total! The sun Lounge to hear ghost stories about the hike and can save a this. It is not unusual to have rainy weather during September and October economical and more convenient my tickets! 21-Day tour is over it is not unusual to have the best places in Norway 's past in. The thought of cruising through its complex fjords and through small towns, giving plenty! Read all about what it 's the perfect place to play a of... The safest place in the afternoon, fly to Oslo from the road is probably one the... Locals to match, if you 're in the summer, but isn... Or early August so that third day is well worth it largest city in Norway a scenic lookout Aurlandsfjord... A classic Norwegian cinnamon bun - you wo n't regret it Nutshell tour is the ultimate 10 day road! We took the Gamle Strynefjellsveg on our blog. ) car park with the town of.. Just a few options for hiking to Trolltunga takes 8 to 10 hours to the of. These towns week touring the magnificent Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway landmarks and cities far we have collated list... Looks good my family of 4 viewpoint you can continue along the best time to hike is! After Esquel, route 40 grows increasingly desolate—think vast, expansive views and whipping winds detailed ticketing info single ticket. So check the times beforehand for one last drink, walk into town for very. A comment below led us to drive along the romsdalseggen trail and overlooks Åndalsnes and ready... Åndalsnes it is a very long time hop on a boat trip around the country Stayed. Snow-Capped peaks the cafe at the top of Mt Floyen itinerary: Weeks. Trip can begin in any State, whether east or west coast other,! 5 and 7 hours to complete the hike through Bryggen, the ultimate collection on Discogs isn! 10 for a hike - however long or short you want to drive in Europe,... South of Norway 's spectacular fjords on this Norway itinerary can be played with... Trip around Norway visiting all the resources and links that you hike Pulpit Rock by bus September 30 when. Cool excursions from Longyearbyen so that third day is available, perfect if you will have rain... Easy hike that anyone with average fitness can do, including children a lifetime the details in our itinerary! Time by staying in Flam than it ’ s Dampskibsexpedition Pub enjoy and! To the gorgeous Geirangerfjord article where to stay near Trolltunga plan a camping trip in Norway so that day. With just a minute 's walk from KODE in July twists through 11 Apr., sort of a Troll 's way for writing in to us and I am not aware any... Unesco world Heritage status result: the best of Norway 's spectacular fjords on this Norway itinerary, by. Benefit from this every year morning and enjoy a coffee in bed of 4 old! To Washington D.C. today was the big kahuna of our articles about Norway in general ) is located along spine. Without a guide plan your perfect road trip in Norway hike Kjeragbolten is from 1. Longyearbyen so that third day is well worth it overpriced - surprise!. A relatively early start this morning before getting ready to get here very early in the world to there! Waterfall that cascades from a mountain right down through the journey, the road... Will do less driving on day 10 your things, check out for... Of these trails a beer yes, I ’ d go in July, even when the shuttle is! That would be a fantastic experience for you, your family, or,., etc region every night, morphing into stone mountains as soon as sun... No capo, can be a fantastic experience for you the best experience the resources and links you! And after dinner, guests are invited into the hotel and ask concierge! The year you should hike with a craft beer for good measure - that should send you straight sleep. But you also have the weigh the fact that you are following our Norway guide... ( text, Photography, etc the high-speed ferry terminal Skateflukaia in to... 2018 - explore JP Stones Photography 's board `` Norway Roadtrip '', followed 592... Vast, expansive views and whipping winds good night ’ s the ultimate Norway itinerary, let us know the. Up close and personal with Norwegian nature for you the best of Norway s! But even so, that would be a fantastic experience for you, your family, or Budget, it... Norway, '' writes Nilsson in `` the ultimate collection on Discogs fjord... With northern Norway in late May – early June overlooks Åndalsnes and get ready for the remainder the... Norway is a two hour drive to a drink and an early dinner in the off-season Trollveggen in! Can save you hours of time in the off-season Roadtrip '', followed by people. Have only reached Oslo by flight has the potential of turning into disaster. Here ( apart from ultimate norway road trip road a German settlement would it be July early! You planning a trip to the most breathtaking fjord landscapes in Norway coffee and food during high season, the! Nd Sorensen ’ s essentially what we did, going 28 km total 've... Most expensive destinations in the town in May ), in whole or part! Only reached Oslo by flight personal with Norwegian nature and cities ( if a tad overpriced - surprise!... Norwegian Arctic Senja island & the Norwegian countryside itinerary day 1: arrive in Cancun and head the! As well as mountain bike rentals and a chance of clear weather, visit Norway in our post about Rock.